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flying out
Airport at Copenhagen -- voted best airport!
Copenhagen, Miljøministeriet Departementet, Knippelsbro Havnebussen stop
København havn, on the ferry
Danish flag
Gefion Fountain, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Little Mermaid
Spring flowers!
The vaguely obscene local hotdog, the <i>pølse</i>
Denmark has a queen, too!
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
To the Faroe Islands...
To the Faroe Islands...
On the grounds of Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Denmark, outside Copenhagen
Frederiksborg Castle grounds
Frederiksborg Slothave
Frederiksborg Slot
With Z and Naja
Karl and Alba
Aquarden -- Z's company!
On the factory floor
The Waterox, first production model
Aquarden Technologies ApS
Karl with Alba and Ella
Karl walking Otto
Bridge to Sweden!
Malmö, Sweden
Lunch in Malmö, Sweden
Lilla torg, Malmö, Sweden
Lilla torg, Malmö, Sweden
Stortorget, Malmö, Sweden
If your trees don't have leaves, use feathers
Join the parade!
Back in Copenhagen
Rosenborg Castle Gardens
Rosenborg Castle with the statue of the Dowager Queen Caroline Amalie in the rose garden
LêLê Street Kitchen, Copenhagen
Frederiksborg Slot, Hillerød, Denmark
Danish story time
Frederiks Kirke
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, DK
Dome of Visions, Søren Kierkegaards Pl., Copenhagen, DK
Dome of Visions, Copenhagen
Magstræde, Copenhagen, DK
Randers Handsker, Frederiksberggade, København, DK
Lunch in Copenhagen
Train back to Hillerød
Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
Fernanda at Noma
Karl at Noma
Z's electric car
On to Berlin!
On to Berlin!