flying out
flying out

Collecting all the points we have earned, we redeemed them for our flight to Copenhagen (where we had to go to fly on to the Faroe Islands, our intended destination, since you can't fly directly there) -- and we had to fly via Brussels. This United flight was one of the worst flights I've had in recent memory: just in front of us was one of the bathrooms, so all flight long, while they were pretending it was "night" and all the lights were off, people were marching in and out of the bathrooms, so a bright light would stab out right into my eyes each time the door was opened. There was also a nauseating smell wafting through, though whether it was the bathroom or fellow passengers we could not resolve (I think it was the bathroom). To add further insult to injury, United purposely leaves the exit row seats unsold, then through-out the flight taunts you and tries to upsell the seats to you: "cramped and uncomfortable in our regular crap seats? Pay now and you can spend the rest of the flight in slightly less uncomfortable seats!" "Hungry? Pay now, or we will throw this perfectly good quiche in the trash!" I found it very crappy behavior to passengers, and I will do my damnedest to avoid United in the future, points or no points! (I'm not even getting into the Milage Plus United credit card, whose claims of airport lounge use were frustrating lies, especially while waiting 2 hours at Brussels at 5 am...)

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