Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

Again we traveled by stealth of night and awoke to find ourselves in Vienna; in the morining we walked in (towards the right) to the center and St. Stephan's Dom; in the afternoon I took a bike and went through the new business modern part (to the left) and tried to get out into the country-side. At first, Vienna was reluctant to let me leave, but then I finally made it out, and had a really hard time then at the end getting back in; again you'd think it shouldn't be too hard, as I just had to follow the big ugly skyscrapers directly across from the boat back, but somehow I kept overshooting and not getting to the river -- this time I blame the capitalists. In the evening we took the offered tour off the boat to attend a concert by the Viennese Residence Orchestra for all the tour groups in the city...

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